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    Introduction of IV tester
    This IV Tester is table type,
    easy integrated in auto solar module production line,
    easy cable connection, operation and maintenance,
    fast testing speed. It is A+A+A+ Class,
    long pulse duration ranging from 10ms to 300ms,
    capable of mono crystalline, poly crystalline, PERC, HJT. N type. IBC……. High efficiency and high capacitance solar modules testing, testing area 2.4m*1.4m

    Model 13A2414 (IEC A+A+A+)
    Max Illumination Area 2400x1400mm
    Light Irradiance 700-1200W/㎡
    Spectrum Mis-match 0.875-1.125, A+
    Spectrum Range 300-1200nm
    Instability of Irradiance <1% , A+
    Non-Uniformity of Irradiance 220V 10A,Single phase
    Repeatability 0.30%
    Measurement Range “Voltage 0-1V/10V/50V/100V/200V
    Current 0-0.25A/1A/2.5A/12.5A/20A”
    Pulse Duration 10~150ms, in step of 10ms
    Electricity AC220-240V,10A,50/60 HZ
    Light Source Xenon Lamp
    Module Type Mono crystalline, poly crystalline, PERC, HIT, HJT, N type, IBC……

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