EL Tester| Testing Machine-Qinhuangdao Greenwell


    Inline EL Tester| Automatic solar Testing Machine-Qinhuangdao Greenwell

    Capture Type: Automation Mode, direct capture type
    Applications: Solar Panel post-lamination
    Camera Q’ty: Quadruple camera for EL testing
    Camera Resolution: 1,920*1,200*4*3 pixels for EL testing (total 27,6M)
    Trans funtion: Length-side on front
    Panel Size included:
    166*83 mm/12*6 pcs; 166*83mm/10*6 pcs; 182*91mm/24*6pcs; 182*91mm/20*6pcs;
    Up to 2500*1400mm solar panel
    Conveyor height: 950±30mm
    Footprint: W2900mm * L2800mm
    Facility Inquiry: AC 220V 50Hz (240V option), CDA (0.6Mpa, M10)
    Solar panel testing process: Solar panel flow into EV scanner from the previous table>>Centering>>Position on
    first shooting stop>>probes contact adapter to power on>>Panel flows to the second stop combing EL image of the
    first two strings show on the two 50′ 4K displays>>probes contact adapter to power on>>EL cameras shoot the
    same>>Panel flows to the third stop combining EL image show>> probes contact adapter to power on>>EL
    cameras shoot the same>>Panel flow out to the next table combing whole panel EL images show.
    Cycle time: < 22s/pcs (excluding defect judgemet)
    Optical system: Quadruple EL Camera system for EL
    Judgement and Classifiction: Manually
    Transportation sample size: Length: 1900~2500mm; Width: 1000~1400mm



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