High-Pot Testing Machine



    Apply a certain degree of voltage between module frame and electrode lead-in wire and test the withstand voltage performance and insulating strength of the module to make sure that the module will not be easily damaged under formidable natural conditions.


    The rack adopts high-strength aluminum profile structure, featuring good elasticity and non-vulnerablility to deformation.

    The convey unit adopts dedicated mould opening aluminum lead rail and synchronous belt, featuring smooth and stable transmission without damage to the module.

    Equipped with cylinder alignment and variable-frequency and speed-governing motor to ensure precise positioning of the module on the conveyor line.

    Install insulation protective cover around the equipment and front and rear partition boards to separate it from other machines, labelled warning to make safety protection.

    Realize automatic code scanning function without manual operation.

    The equipment meets both insulation, voltage withstand and grounding continuity tests, with adjustable test voltage.

    Standardized test process that meets the IEC61730-2 Standard.


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