Solar Panel Curing Line



    Conduct laminated conveying of the framed modules on the curing line. When the modules are stacked or taken out to a certain extent, the curing line will step for displacement to have the modules solidified on the solidification line through timing effect.


    The frame is of welded square tube structure, featuring sturdy construction, durable service and good stability.
    Equipped with high-performance motor, to provide strong driving power.
    In the event of full load on the transmission line, no vibration or sluggish would occur.
    The conveying line is equipped with variable-frequency and speed-governing braking and worm and gear reducer for provision of accurate control.
    The conveying belt adopts wide rubber-wrapped hinge plate, with stable transmission and no impact or destruct to the components.
    The conveying speed is 0-5m/min, adjustable as customer desires and requires.
    The system control in two modes: time-priority and module-priority, which can be switched over freely.
    Time-priority mode: the modules on the curing line will be loaded automatically as timing set.
    Module-priority mode: modules will be fed automatically when the unloader is empty.


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